Pontus Lindman


Show & Conferance

Book your own magician to be the showpiece or even the compere of your event. With guaranteed laughs and gasps of mystery Pontus will make sure you get an experience like never before! To take it a step further, let Pontus be your compere of the event. A magician is often the best possible compere, a profile that can bring out laughter, surprises and is used to talk to people on stage. The best way possible to break the ice and make people talk, interact with each other and have fun! Just sit back and enjoy the show!

Close-up- & Mingel-Magic

Magic is an amazing tool when it comes to breaking the ice at the aperitif or wherever you would like a real close up experience of magic. Let Pontus mingle around entertaining your guests with his raw humor and impressive magic. You will get your guests an experience unlike any they´ve ever had. A great way to get people to interact with each other and the ice will magically disappear! A sure fire way to get your guests going!

Marketing & Fair

Get Pontus involved in your upcoming exhibition or fair to attract customers to your stand. With his new thinking magic he´ll make sure to involve your products and material in the best possible way. Wither you are a baker, a tech company or literally anything, we will put our all into making your fair or exhibition something special! Connect with us and let´s get started!

Your own idea?

Do you have an idea about involving magic in your project? Don´t hesitate to contact us, we are up for all kinds of ideas and would love to hear what you are planning!


Get in touch with us, tell us about your plans and ideas and we will get back to you shortly!
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Edgy and astonishing new-wave magician and mind reader Pontus Lindman. Magic like you´ve never seen it before!

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Email: info@ExpectMagic.se
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